At Barton Moss, we place a great emphasis on the importance of art and design. It enables children to express themselves and engage with their emotions in a creative, imaginative manner. Our art and design curriculum ensures our children have the opportunity to be curious, ask questions and become inspired to find out more about the diverse world we live in. We want our children to know about some of the great male and female artists and designers and their differing cultures and histories.  We believe that our curriculum will contribute to the quality of our children’s lives, both within and beyond school. This means ultimately our children will be prepared for a future of possibilities.


In Early years, Art and Design plays a particularly important role in their development. Children are taught to represent their own ideas, thoughts and feelings through design and technology, art, music, and dance. They safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools, and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function. Teachers plan for both focussed and independent art activities and ensure all children have the opportunity to express themselves creatively and use their imaginations through exploration and play.

KS1 and KS2

Our children will be taught Art and Design in a way that ensures progression of skills and follows a sequence to build on previous learning. At Barton Moss we follow a scheme first implemented in 2019 to ensure progression of skills and to cover all aspects of the art and design curriculum. All children in KS1 and KS2 have their own personal sketch book, a place to experiment, practice and showcase their emerging art and design skills. Artwork is celebrated at Barton Moss by displaying children’s creations in classrooms and corridors. Over the year curriculum theme days give our children opportunity to immerse themselves in a topic and express their learning through art and design.