Online Safety

At Barton Moss Primary School, Online safety is taught as a discreet unit as well as incorporated into other subjects and lesson. We know the computers, the internet and electronic devices have many benefits, but out main priority is to keep our children safe online. 

We teach the children how to keep safe online from a very young age. 



We use books to help keep the children safe online. 

Troll Stinks 
Once Upon a Time Online  Goldilocks - Internet Safety, Digital Safety, Social Media 

Further links to keep your children safe 

Be Safe Online  
NSPCC Online Safety 
NSPCC Parental Controls  
NSPCC Talking with your child about staying safe online Think u Know - Help your child get the most out of the internet 

Online Safety: Squid Game Poster 

 National Online Safety


At Barton Moss Primary School we sign up and are part of National Online Safety. Here are some posters that give a summary overview of social media websites:

National Online Safety Posters