Barton Moss is a school where every child is prepared for a future of possibilities.  Physical Education, Physical Activity and School Sport are areas which help us achieve this by providing children with a wide range of experiences that will help encapsulate the importance of physical and mental wellbeing.  We want our children to be resilient, to join local sports clubs or exercise classes, to move more and to have an interest in GCSE PE or want a career in the sports and leisure industry.

Barton Moss is a very inclusive school and children can enter school with a wide range of barriers to learning.  All areas of the EYFS can often not be at age expected level on entry and children sometimes do not have the emotional capacity to deal with mistakes or short term failure.  We work to instil an ethos where mistakes are acknowledged and accepted, children begin to understand that success and high achievement is not easy and that hard work, dedication and continued practice is needed in order to succeed.  Overcoming these barriers helped us plan our Curriculum and inform our decision-making when planning how we shape the Curriculum offer.  Our aim is for 100% of children to meet or exceed in all units of work and we will support children and intervene to help them improve and develop, regardless of the barriers they face.  We will be successful by working together, raising the profile of PE, providing a broad and balanced high quality offer and by seeing more children achieve more often.

Our Curriculum was designed in 2019 and is reviewed and evaluated on a regular basis in order to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all of the children at Barton Moss Community Primary School.  In addition to having a sports focus, children are educated from a skills based curriculum and a team of coaches from Kickstart work with the school staff in order to get the best out of every child.  We deliver PE for all age groups, starting with Nursery and children arrive to school in their PE kit on PE days so we get more time being active in our lessons.

Physical Education, Physical Activity and School Sport are high profile at school. These are some of the opportunities that children have to get involved and be more active:

  • - Sports Council is a group of 12 children who represent the views of the pupils at Barton Moss. We meet regularly with the Head of PE Mr Khaled to give the views of our class, help plan and organise events and put forward ideas on what the PE budget should be spent on.


  • - The Kickstart Badge scheme is open to children of all ages – children can be awarded the bronze, silver, gold or red badges depending on their attitude, effort and performance


  • - Inter-House Sports Competitions take place each term so every class tales part in a competitive event which leads to individual and house winners


  • - A wide range of after-school sports clubs


  • - School Sport Competitions for all children and a wide variety of competitions on offer from hockey to football and from gymnastics to tri-golf.


  • - Active lunchtimes with the Kickstart Coaches for 4 days a week


  • - We promote the Walk to School Programme and children who regularly make an active trip are rewarding each month with a WOW badge. Children who come to school in the car can still qualify for a badge by converting the car journey to park and stride and walking to school from the Peel Green Cemetery or from the shops

From January 2021, every child will be assessed using the Kickstart Passport system.  Evidence will be tracked from Reception to Year 6 and coaches and teachers will assess children against clear and coherent outcomes.  If children fall short, coaches will provide additional support, signpost children to clubs and run intervention programmes in order to help them develop and improve.  Mrs Unsworth the Headteacher oversees School Sport and meets with Mr Khaled on a regular basis to track pupil progress.

You can have a look at our innovative and well-designed Curriculum Map HERE

You can have a look at our PE Policy HERE

You can see how the Kickstart Badge Scheme works HERE

If you have any questions about PE or School Sport, please contact the Head of PE Mr Khaled