Remote Learning Support for Parents/Carers

Supporting Parents/Carers with Remote Learning


There is quite a lot of guidance available at the moment supporting teachers with the demands of remote learning, but less so for parents and carers. 

Yet a lot of parents and carers really need some help with supporting their children’s home learning. They are the ones at home struggling to keep their children motivated and focused and helping them to make sense of the work that has been set, all whilst balancing their own work and family commitments, often with very limited resources.

To try and complement the work of pastoral teams and class teachers across the country, who are no doubt maintaining as much contact between home and school as possible, we have designed a short page offering guidance to parents/carers in different ways to support their children at home. The page is aimed mainly at primary school parents. 

None of the guidance is necessarily ground-breaking; a lot of it is simply common sense and widely known, particularly for those who work in schools and are used to supporting young people to learn. But this is the point: most parents and carers are not trained teachers and don’t always know what we sometimes take for granted. Furthermore, in these stressful times, the most obvious solutions can get lost amidst anxiety and confusion.

There are four sections, each one addressing different aspects of home learning:

1. A Toolkit to support parents with home learning

This section aims to give some broad guidance about how to create and sustain the most effective conditions for home learning. 

  • Help them manage their wellbeing. This is the most important aspect. 
  • Establish and maintain clear routines for them
  • Build and sustain their motivation
  • Keep up their reading and writing
  • Support them with their work

2. How to support your child with reading, writing and mathematics learning

This section focuses more on some of the main challenges involved in supporting the remote learning of reading, writing and mathematics. Given that most parents and carers are not teachers themselves, the advice offered is intended to be clear and practical. For instance, just asking children about what they are reading is likely to help them stay engaged with it, whilst paying attention to how they talk about maths problems might affect how their children approach the subject.

There are 2 packages. 

1) Live Learning package using Showbie. Showbie support for Parents/carers link is 

2) CGP Learning using paper booklets. 

3. Questions 

Please if you have any questions about learning, challenge or support, please email class teachers directly. 

4. Further support for SEN Children/EAL children or those that require more challenge. 

The final section is a very brief outline to explain that if you feel your child is struggling with the work set, or requires more challenge, then please email the class teaches directly in the first instance. 

You can also email the Deputy Head Teacher on 

Feel free to use and adapt the resources as necessary should you feel you are confident in doing so. 

We have received lots of positive feedback from parents grateful for the support on offer and for the opportunity to engage with the school about issues being experienced around home learning.