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Save over £25 a week on your shopping.

Send us a text to 07860 063 304 to get your first delivery free


Hi, we are a charity based in Manchester called The Bread and Butter Thing (TBBT) and we are trying to help people and families to get by. With support from Barton Moss Primary School we are in your area.

We provide weekly groceries at a fraction of the high street prices through our membership scheme. We will try and always give you something for your cupboards and fridge and we are slowly building our supply.

We get supplies from the stuff that you hear about in thenews going to waste, it comes from supermarkets, factories and farms. 

We work just like a veg box scheme. Veg box schemes give you great fruit and veg that is seasonal and local, there’s very little choice in what you get but everything you get will be fresh.

Like a veg box scheme, there’s very little choice in what you’ll get from us but for different reasons. Our food is given to us because it’s not quite right for the supermarkets. There’s lots of reasons for this, sometimes there is just too much of something or things don’t go to plan, like when it rains in the summer when we are all planning BBQs. The supermarkets try and guess what customers want (and they are generally really good at this) and if the weather forecast is wrong and a freaky storm front comes in, there could be lots of burgers and sausages produced without any BBQs to go to!

There are so many reasons why food doesn’t get to the supermarkets at different times of the year. We take what is available and make up food bags for our members. Like veg boxes, we will give you whatever is available at the time and that tends to change daily.

Because we don’t let you choose what is in the parcel, we can afford to provide things really cheaply, we believe cheaper than you will find anywhere else. AND, because it’s a bit of a new thing, we let you sign up and try us out for free.

So sign up for your first delivery free. Turn over this leaflet to find out how…

It’s really easy to sign up to TBBT…


  • Step 1 - Send us a text to 07860 063 304 with your full name, your postcode and the name of your hub (Barton Moss) and we will get in touch.
  • Step 2 - Select the size of order you want to receive. A typical family order would be £7.50, an individual would be £4. An extra large family would be £15.
  • Step 3 - We’ll send you a text every Monday to see if you want an order. All you have to do is reply “YES” to the text by 10:00 Tuesday and we’ll deliver your order to Barton Moss Primary School on Wednesday (Trippier Rd, Eccles, Manchester M30 7PT). 
  • Step 4 - Collect your goods from your hub (Barton Moss) at 14.30 on the Wednesday.

A typical order is three shopping bags, one of fridge goods, one of cupboard goods and one full of fruit and veg, this costs £7.50. The goods can change slightly depending on what is available on the day. Most members tell us that they tend to collect food from TBBT and ‘top up’ from the supermarket once they have seen what we provide.

Drop us a line and try it out. There is no commitment, if you want an order just reply to the weekly text you receive on the day you get it.

Starting on 5 May 2021,  TBBT will be delivering every Wednesday at 14.30 - 15:30 for the Barton Moss Hub

Your first order will be free of charge, so try us out at no cost to you.


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