Writing in the Early Years

Writing in the Early Years Foundation Stage

In the Early Years, children are encouraged to attempt their own emergent writing and their efforts are valued and praised. As their phonic knowledge increases, this will be reflected in their writing. At the same time, their knowledge of key words is supported through reading and writing activities, including shared reading and writing.

A wide variety of opportunities are provided for children to engage in writing activities. Amongst these are:

* Shared writing

* Role-play (e.g. an office or restaurant)

* Labels

* Recipes

* Lists

 * Making books

* Writing letters

* Menus

Through engaging in these activities, children become aware that writing is used for a range of purposes. They distinguish it from drawing, and learn the left to right convention of writing in English.

A variety of resources are used to encourage the development of the fine motor control which is essential for good handwriting. These include playdough, cutting, threading and tracing.


Developing Letter and Number Formation

At Barton Moss school we teach the children the cursive writing script from Nursery as it will prepare them for writing in Year 1.

When teaching letter and number formation, we provide a range of activities to enable our children to develop their skills by…

  • Using whole body and limb movements to trace out patterns and letters.
  • Using multi sensory methods and materials, (including tracing on different textures, children’s wipe boards and sand for example).
  • Tracing them in the air with big sweeping movements.
  • Writing patterns, tracing them and making their own.
  • Writing letters and numbers with fingers, using paint mixed with paste in sand etc.
  • Drawing around letter and number templates
  • Tracing letters
  • Writing words from a copy

Cursive Script